It has been a while since my last post. I have been struggling to think of how I can use this blog. What can I say or add to the conversation that has not been said already by lots of people before me. I was lost. I was not sure I could write anything worthwhile. Then I was reminded that before anything good can be created a lot of bad needs to be. You need to learn, refine and get better bit by bit. That is how anything creative is done, you practice, practice and practice some more. Then you start to get better. You begin to focus and hone in on what you want to say weather it is in a photo, with words or anything else creative (It is all the same).

If you don’t write anything or take any photos you cannot say you are not any good because you haven’t started. You do not know. That was my problem with this blog not knowing weather it will be good or be read by anyone. That is not the point though. Just like photography I think a blog should be something that pleases you the creator first. If it does not turn out the way you wanted figure out where you went wrong and try and try again and never give up. You will fall a lot but getting back up and moving forward is how you get better.

I know I will stumble a lot writing this blog but I will keep going. Learning as I go and developing as a writer and hopefully a teacher of how see photography and what is important to me when it comes to taking a photograph. The more I write and the more frequently I write the sooner it will become a habit and the easier it will become. I hope I can document how I grow as a photographer with insight in to techniques and things I learn but maybe more importantly I hope I can look back on this and see how I have grown as a person.

Please stay tuned and thank you for reading.