The Start of a New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

As it is the start of a new year I am setting myself a goal - a resolution if you will. Each month I would like to try and take 1 photo I am really proud of to add to my portfolio. I hope each photo will say something about the time of year and the place it was taken. When December comes around it will be interesting to see what I have come up with and I hope I have twelve images that I am really proud of.

This is the first time I have set myself a photographic goal over the course of a year, and I hope it will encourage me to keep getting outside and exploring the world around me.

During the Christmas break Masae and I went to stay with Robyne and Ken in Australia (Masaes Australian Mum and Dad). It surprised me how early they got up in the morning everyday. It is something I have often thought I need to do myself. One morning we got up and went for a walk with Robyne and it reminded me how nice it is to wake up with the world and not with everyone else. I loved that feeling and it is something I want to carry forward to help with my photography. Once we got back from the walk it amazed me how much time there was left in the morning! Not only is it great to be outside in the morning, you can do so much more when you get back home.

I love the beauty of a sunset but usually I feel distracted even if it is amazing to look at. It might be everything that has gone on in the day or the location itself, I feel like I have a hard time to settle my mind. The time before and during a sun rise however is completely different I feel like my mind is calm and the world is calm. I can focus and feel as well as see the beauty around me, I hope that will come through in the photos I take over the coming year. As I get used to waking up earlier and earlier I am going to start carrying my camera more. One thing I am very aware of however is the feeling of having to carry my camera versus wanting to carry it.

Pressure is frustrating and putting pressure on yourself is never good. Having a goal is good but I don’t think it should consume you. When I feel I want to take a photo I will and all the other times I will just enjoy being outside and hopefully being with Masae if she can wake up in time ha!

I think that will do for now! If you have any goals set for the year good luck with them and what ever they may be I hope you achieve them!

Thank you for reading see you next time!