Nagoya exhibition finished and looking forward to Osaka.

Hello all,

Wednesday the 5th of Decemeber 2018 marked the end of the exhibition at Canon Gallery in Nagoya. It was a fantastic experience. Before the exhibition began we had thought that it would be a lot quieter than Tokyo, we were very wrong. The response to the exhibition was amazing. Masae and I cannot thank everyone enough who came to see the exhibition. We met many many people of all ages, made new friends and many old friends came to see us as well. Some people came from a really long way. People from Shiga prefecture and friends from Takayama came, that is amazing thank you all for travelling such long distances and taking time to look at my art and see us, we are extremely grateful and humbled by your support.

Thank you to everyone, the people at Canon, the people that visited, and thank you Masae you are the biggest help and support to me.

Nagoya you are amazing and me and Masae cannot wait to come back!

Now there is a little break and then the exhibition in Osaka will start at the end of Janauary next year (which is just around the corner - crazy!) . I am super excited for it to start as it is our home town. We are looking forward to seeing you all there!