My name is Mark Tica, I am from England but I currently live in Japan with my wife Masae. I love being outside and taking photographs. Japan is an incredible place to explore it has so many different climates and environments there is so much to feed your creativity. If you asked me what I love to take photos of the most I would tell you it would definitely be nature. However that does not stop me from taking photos of other subjects. I believe whatever I take a photo of feeds my vision for the next scene I find and hopefully helps make my compositions better in all of my photos.

I have been taking photos for quite a few years and have gone through many phases. I have looked, read, listened, practiced over and over again. Ultimately through all the trial and error I believe I have learned to take photos that I want to take in the way I like to take them. I have learned to be patient, to wait, to observe and to compose long before a photo is taken. Sometimes you get the reward and sometimes you don’t but it is all apart of the process.

I would like to show people the world the way I see it, with calm eyes and a calm mind. From the tiniest details to the grandest of vistas. I hope that my photographs show this. I want to feed my passion for this big wide world we live on and share it with others to inspire them to see it differently. There does not always need to be noise if you know how to turn the volume down within yourself.

I really hope you enjoy looking through my photos and if you would like any information about the services I offer please feel free to send me an email.

Thanking you

Mark & Masae Tica

All Images Copyright © Mark Tica. All rights reserved.